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MC-21: Solutions that Improve the Efficiency of the Colombia Health System

Cartagena, May 19, 2016. The Convention Center at Hilton Cartagena de Indias Hotel was the stage where the new trends for the Latin America health sector were presented and debated. Among other topics, there were the solutions for maximizing the efficacy and efficiency of the health systems and, for the first time, MC-21, the pioneer company in the management of out-patient pharmacy benefits, reinforced its mission as promoter and supporter of continued safety and health care improvement in the nation.

As part of the 25th OES International Forum; 1st. Latin America ISQua Forum, MC-21 sponsored the symposium “An Effective Management Model for Out-Patient Medication: Safety and Effectiveness for Patients”, by which programs that support the patient´s safety in the use of out-patient medication are promoted. The symposium also presented the experience of the MC-21 model as applied to other health models, and as a key opportunity to positively impact risks at different levels in the use of out-patient medication at institutions. This model has achieved a higher quality of service and safety, while promoting savings in the cost of medication.

MC-21 Senior Operations Vice-President, Marileny Lugo, highlighted the company´s projections through the implementation of this PBM model in other markets, such as Colombia. “What we excelled at in the Puerto Rico market, which comprises 66% of the Puerto Rico population, we have reproduced and successfully applied to the Colombia health model, where our PBM model now serves more than 5 million users, 242 IPS and 2,300 physicians in Colombia. We have put in place an integrated pharmacy benefits management system that benefits insurers, health service institutions and patients”.

Moreover, the PBM has been adapted to the particularities and needs of Colombia´s health system, bringing support to physicians since the initial prescribing process.

The panel of distinguished guests, chaired by specialists from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Spain, included, among others, Dr. Alberto Figueres, Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist; Dr. Socorro Rivas, Independent Health Care Consultant, and Dr. Federico Rodríguez, Physician and Specialist in Public Health.

The panel presented the statistics on the real impact of the successful PBM model experience in Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Along with the evidence of the better practices put in place by the public and private sectors, the data presented highlighted the benefits achieved for patients through the implementation of a specialized pharmacy management model.

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