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Roger and Barbara Burgess founded Burgess Information Systems Inc. d/b/a ProCare Rx in 1988 to provide claims processing systems and services for various sectors of the healthcare industry, including pharmacy benefit management companies.  This foundational base led to the development of an in-house pharmacy benefit manager and related service offerings.

Following the combination of the legacy pharmacy benefit manager with one of Puerto Rico’s leading pharmacy benefit managers, MC-Rx is currently one of the largest and fastest growing privately held Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies in the United States.  Continuing Roger’s previously leadership and vision, MC-Rx leverages the legacy real-time pharmacy transaction processing to be better, faster, and less expensive for our clients.  Full pricing disclosure, data analytics, customized plan offerings and excellent service have been pillars of the  legacy PBMs and will continue to help drive the success of MC-Rx.